Winter 20x20

My 10x10 challenge was so much fun that I decided to take it up a notch and try a 20x20 for the winter. I got really lucky -  a gift from my mom coinciding with a discount code at Elizabeth Suzann allowed me to get three beautiful new ES pieces, and I have incorporated those new items into my winter wardrobe along with a blush beauty from Jamie + The Jones (purchased via The Garment popup) and a shirt I've been wanting FOREVER that I finally found second-hand!!

I also got a pair of black jeans as a hand-me-down and turned them into fringy goodness using this tutorial from Honestly WTF. Everything else I chose is something from previous seasons/years. Below is a breakdown of what I picked. I've linked to the pieces if they are current, and tried to find similar alternatives if not:

9 Tops | Elizabeth Suzann Eva Top - Jamie + The Jones Blank Canvas Top - Steven Alan Black Turtleneck (similar) - CDG Play Striped Button Down - J. Crew Striped Long-sleeved Tee (similar) - Uniqlo Burgundy Cropped Sweater - Uniqlo Black V-Neck Sweater - Madewell Grey Turtleneck Sweater (similar) - Navy Cashmere Sweater (old, similar)

3 Pairs of Pants | Levi's 711 Jeans - Dickies with DIY fringe (similar) - Acne Studios Skin 5 Jeans

3 Pairs of Shoes | Rag & Bone Newbury Booties - Superga Sneakers (similar) - Chanel Flats (similar options)

3 Dresses | Elizabeth Suzann Georgia Dress - Ace & Jig Shift Dress (similar) - Elizabeth Suzann Marlena Midi

2 Coats | Zara Camel Coat (similar) - Elizabeth Suzann Ida Trench

Goals for this challenge:

1 | Up my winter style game. When it gets colder and rainier here, I tend to forget all about style and just wear cozy leggings and a big coat. I didn't include a raincoat in this exercise, so we'll see what happens if it rains a lot in the next few weeks...

2 | Get better at creative layering. This is very related to the above goal, but isn't necessarily winter-specific. I realized in my recap of my last challenge that my layering skills were a bit lacking. Some serious layering goals courtesy of Style Bee here and here... seems like a boxy crop-top would be a good addition to my closet.

3 | Figure out a good base for my winter capsule wardrobe. I'm not sure I'll blog about a full winter capsule, but I would like to have a good idea of my most useful/worn/loved pieces for the season. Just from choosing my pieces, I've already realized that raw silk is one of my favorite fabrics!

This also coincides with a 10x10 challenge from Lee of Style Bee and Caroline of UnFancy, so I will be using their hashtag #WINTER10x10 to follow along. Let me know in the comments if you are playing along as well so I can see what you're up to! My plan is to style these 20 looks over the next 4-5 weeks and share 4-5 outfits per week - stay tuned...