End of Summer 10 X 10 Recap

Here are the last 6 outfits of my summer #10X10 experiment, as well as a short recap. As luck would have it, Caroline from Un-Fancy started her own 10X10 this week, so you can follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #unfancyremix. It's been fun to see how other people are choosing their items and 'remixing' them into new outfits.

Various thoughts on the process:
      - I felt like my outfits were *slightly* boring. In the future, I would love to spice things up with more layers and accessories. Layering in general is something I'd like to get better at in order to create more interesting silhouettes and more variety with the same number of pieces.
      - The black dress that I wore is on its last legs (it's 8+ years old and luckily you can't see the tiny hole in any of the photos, ha!) so I should probably purchase a replacement. I have my eye on this one from Elizabeth Suzann... I think it would be the perfect every-day LBD.
      - My favorite outfit ended up being the cropped burgundy sweater with the wide-leg linen pants and the nude sneakers. My husband's favorite was the grey button-down with dark skinny jeans and sneakers.
      - The burgundy sweater was an impulse purchase from Uniqlo and while I usually try to avoid impulse purchases, it has become one of my favorite sweaters. The cashmere blend is super soft and I love the cropped length, especially with the high waisted linen pants.
      - I definitely need to find a better background.

So here they are! As always, let me know what you think in the comments, or share your own 10X10 adventure!