Week 2 Recap: Winter 20x20

Week 2 of #winter10x10 is officially over so most bloggers are now finished with their 10x10s... But not me- I'm only halfway through! The second week was still fun (I'm not tired of my 20 picks yet) and I was happy that the things I chose worked just as well in warm, sunny New Orleans. I'm also getting more and more convinced that I could forever live in just Elizabeth Suzann and Ace & Jig (and jeans, of course). My favorite looks this week were 6, in which I felt like a really cute and/or Parisian Hamburglar, and 10, because easy summer dressing is my favorite thing.

In addition to Lee and Caroline, these instagrammers have been the most inspiring to me: @harbenporter, @dailypiecework, and @farm.glam. I've been eyeing the blush oxfords from Everlane for a while now, and seeing them on Harben convinced me they can definitely work in my wardrobe. I am also learning how to sew, so Miriah's handmade sweaters were fun to see and her layering is so on-point! Finally Farm/Glam (what's your name, lady?) wore ten outfits that were all just my perfect combination of cozy and relaxed but still chic.

I know the winter 10x10 is officially over, but I hope you guys will stick around for my next ten outfits! Let me know what you think in the comments!