Week 3 Recap: Winter 20x20

I'm now 3/4 of the way through my winter 20x20, and I must say I'm still enjoying myself and the clothes that I've chosen. I'm continually struggling with posing for the self-timer, but even that is feeling slightly easier. Apologies for the rampant RBF, but I have a terrible fake smile...

Luckily the rain has held off this week and I haven't had to wear my rain boots. I'm proud to say that wearing those has been my only cheat so far! It has been pretty chilly though, so even in the pictures below without a coat I was wearing either my black trench or camel coat when I went outside. My favorite look this week is definitely 15. I always feel like such a boss in my heeled booties, and the Eva top has an easy silhouette but the silk makes it feel sophisticated and a touch fancier. I'm getting excited for my final week (not because I'm sick of these clothes, but because there are some other items burning a hole in closet, like an Ace&Jig romper) and also very excited that there will be another 10x10 challenge hosted by Lee and Caroline in the spring!

Not too many new style insights this week, but one thing this challenge has made me do is pay closer attention to little styling details like how I cuff my jeans. In outfit 15 I used the 'messy half-roll' trick from Caroline - thanks for the tip! As always, let me know what you think in the comments, and check back next week for my final recap with all 20 outfits!