Spring 10x10 - Sister Edition!

It's time for another 10x10 challenge hosted by Lee and Caroline! If you aren't familiar with the concept yet, you can find everything you need to know about a 10x10 here. This time around it will be extra exciting, since both of us (Rachel and Adrienne) are participating. This post will have our picks for our 10 items and over the next two weeks we will style those items into 10 different outfits! Be sure to check back for recaps of each week of outfits. 


Temperatures in Berkeley are mid-forties to lower-seventies right now with a bit of rain in the forecast. For this challenge, I'm only including 'indoor' items, so no raincoats or heavy coats which I'll wear over these outfits if the weather calls for it. I'm following Lee's formula of 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of pants, 1 dress, and 5 tops. Here are my ten items:

1. Levi's Boyfriend Jeans - second hand
2. Everlane Wide Leg Crop - second hand
3. Black Dress- vintage
4. Lotta from Stockholm Clogs
5. Rag & Bone White Sandals
6. Elizabeth Suzann Rylo Jacket - second hand and ethical brand
7. Pink top - homemade (and naturally dyed!)
8. Elizabeth Suzann Linn Top - ethical brand
9. Ace & Jig Kimono - ethical brand
10. Everlane Tank Top- ethical brand

Most of my Spring 10x10 picks!

Most of my Spring 10x10 picks!

I'm really proud that every item of clothing (excluding shoes) is either home-made, second-hand, or from an ethical brand.  I've been buying more and more things second-hand lately, and have found some amazing treasures with the #aceandjigforsale hashtag. There are also some fantastic resale accounts on Instagram that are both a blessing and a curse; I can often find things I want used rather than new, but it's also easier to justify more purchases that way... I'm always trying to work on having "fewer, better things" (à la Cuyana).

I also started sewing and natural-dyeing recently, which has been a lot of fun. Some things I made are here and here, and here is something I sewed and then dyed with loquat leaves.

I would love to get to a place where all my shoes are also ethical, second-hand, or home-made, but that is quite a bit more challenging. I'm hoping to make my next shoe purchases from small, hand-made, independent brands like Sevilla Smith and Cobra Rock. If you have any other suggestions- let me know!


Temperatures in Lübeck are all over the place right now. Some days it's in the 30s and sleeting outside and some days it's in the upper 60s and sunny. Lübeck can't decide if it's winter or spring yet! This means that I will also only be doing 'indoor' items. Here are my ten items:

1. Citizen's of Humanity Arielle Petite Jeans
2. Anne Taylor Loft Waxed Black Jeans
3. Anne Taylor Loft Sleeveless Dress
4. Acne Pistol Boots
5. Prada Loafers
6. And Other Stories Deep V-Back Top in Pink
7. HD in Paris Sleeveless Top
8. Deletta Lace Crop Top
9. Maison Scotch Maroon Tee
10. On the Road Twist-front Long Sleeved Tee

As you can see, none of my items are homemade, second-hand, or from ethical brands (as far as I know). However after hearing about Rachel's experiences buying second-hand items, I recently went down the rabbit hole of online second-hand stores and found a million things that I want. I'm now really having to fight the urge to spend all of my money on second-hand designer shoes!

This is my first time doing a 10x10 challenge and I am really nervous. My personal style is not very well defined and can be a bit all over the place, and I've never thought of my closet as being well suited for a challenge like this. Either I'll be forced to be a bit creative, or this will be the most boring 10x10 challenge you have ever seen! I'm so excited to try this out!