Spring 10x10 - Week One Recap

The first week of the #spring10x10 challenge is done, and we're excited to share our first week of looks with you. First some reflections on how last week went, and then all of our looks, side-by-side, in one place!

Adrienne - This has been so much fun so far! I feel like this challenge is forcing me to be a bit more creative with how I style and accessorize my outfits. I'm usually the kind of person who puts on a pair of earrings and leaves that same pair in for 3 weeks before it occurs to me to change them. This week, I've tried to think more about what jewelry I add to an outfit, as well as thinking about things like belts, and whether or not I should tuck a shirt in or leave it out. For example, I had always worn my red Maison Scotch shirt just with jeans, not tucked in, and without any accessories. This time, I tucked it in and added a leopard print belt. I loved how those two small details made the outfit so much more interesting! I think that was probably my favourite outfit this week!

Rachel - Other than rain, rain, and more rain forcing me to wear weatherproof boots for a couple days, I've been so happy with how my outfits have turned out. I was nervous including my bright, patterned Ace & Jig Kimono, but it has turned out to be super versatile - going with both boyfriend jeans and wide leg crops. My other topper, the amazing Rylo Jacket from Elizabeth Suzann, also has a kimono shape - I never quite realized that I was such a fan of the silhouette until now! I also love my white sandals, and I'm hoping this coming week will be less rainy so I can wear them more. After a weekend off, I can't wait to style my other five looks - be sure to check back for a full recap once this week is over!