Spring 10x10 Recap!

Here is a final recap of our experience with the #spring10x10 challenge! All of our outfits from the second week are here, as well as some reflections, takeaways, and favorites and least favorites.

Check out our second and final week of looks below:

I anticipated that this 10x10 challenge would be harder than my winter 20x20, but luckily that was not the case! When I sat down to figure out which 10 pieces I wanted to include, the two pairs of pants, the two pairs of shoes, my Linn tee, and my #memade pink top were obvious choices. Even after two revisions of my list, those 6 items remained. The black tank top and simple black dress were mainly chosen for ease of layering under tops and jackets (which they did perfectly), and the two jackets were somewhat recent additions to my closet, and therefore more last minute picks. However, they also worked out perfectly. While I certainly missed wearing some of the other items in my closet during the two weeks, there wasn't a single item that I regretted including, so I would say this challenge was a complete success! My two favorite outfits ended up being kimono-style jackets over pants, as below:

I had so much fun with this 10x10 challenge, but it was definitely difficult for me. My closet does not have a lot of neutral clothing or good layering pieces, and I feel like those things are key to a challenge like this. That being said, I felt like I learned how to wear some of these pieces in ways I never had before. I think some of my outfits were a bit boring and predictable, but some of them taught me how to be more creative with my clothing. For instance, I had never before thought to layer a shirt over or under my loft dress, but the outfits where I did that ended up being two of my favorite outfits. It turns out that dress is much more versatile than I previously thought!